4sharéd is an android application it is also available on iOS platform. 4sharéd can be used to access, manage and share your data with others very easily. The official website for this application is 4shared.com by installing the 4shared android app on your mobile phone you can easily upload your data to the website.

4shares Apk is a Free application to share music, images, documents, etc. It is very simple to access your account at 4shared.com, to get your data back to your device.

The 4sharéd download is giving good user experience to fetch and find your data quickly from their database with the simple search option which had already mentioned in it. You can see many search filters in this android application like the type of a file, upload time, size of a file, etc. to find your data quickly at 4shared.com it really helpful if you have many file in your account.

This 4shared for Android app is giving quick access to your account from your mobile phone or tablet and you can easily share your data with your family, friends ad colleagues.

Through this 4shared APK on Android, you can easily move, copy, delete and download your files from your 4shared account.

Special Features of 4sharéd download:

  1. 4shared is providing high speed & flexible access to many numbers of files within a fraction of seconds.
  2. It has a friendly search option to access massive 4shared storage quickly, it is providing a good user experience for the users.
  3. A special feature is also available for 4shared apk users, that is you can directly see the images, listen to music.
  4. even watch your videos directly on your Android mobile or in iOS platform.
  5. There is no need worry about your data, your files are fully protected with McAfee Antivirus. So I’m surely suggested you use 4sharéd APK download.
  6. With the 4shared you can send files through particular recipient with just a single click.
  7. Actually, other storage providers (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. )are giving less data (5gyga bytes) but 4shared is giving 15GB space which is very huge If you need you can also upgrade for a professional account.
  8. This is not only supported for file sharing you can directly list to music and watch your stored videos without downloading.


Required 4shared app permissions:

  • 4shared will ask you permission for your contact list to access emails from your contacts. They don’t give any 3rd-party access to your contact list If you don’t need you can just skip it.
  • You have to enable Photos/Media/Files to upload your files to 4shared.com database if you neglect it you cant upload the files from your default storage or SD card.
  • You should log in with your correct ID each time to access your 4shared account data.
  • And they never reveal your personal data to anyone.
  • You have to enable Wi-Fi feature to upload and download improvements.

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